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Worldwide One-Day Deliveries With DASH Systems

By Alliance Admin posted Jul 27, 2021 11:58 AM


For most of us, we can simply shop online and expect a package within two days of clicking the “place my order” button. But for millions of people who live in rural or recently devastated areas in the world, getting essential shipments quickly and efficiently just wasn’t an option—so DASH Systems set out to change that.

With experience in aerospace technology, CEO and Founder Joel Ifill wanted to use his engineering background to positively impact people and the planet. “We have this incredible technology to launch smart bombs with incredible precision,” says Ifill reflecting upon his prior career, “and I wanted to use this same technology for good.” And that’s exactly what DASH Systems aims to do.

By commercializing airdrop technology and the innovative idea to “land the products, not the plane”, they’re working to provide one-day delivery anywhere in the world. When it came to selecting a homebase for DASH Systems, Ifill eagerly chose Los Angeles because “there’s simply no better place in the world for aerospace technology.” With top manufacturing capabilities, the pool to recruit talented and diverse employees, access to studios for creative support, and of course, great weather—no other location could compare. Not to mention, they’re able to have their offices in an airplane hangar, making it possible to run test flights in the Mojave Desert in the morning and have lunch in West Hollywood by noon—something they simply couldn’t do in New York or San Francisco.

JIfil.jpegAs Ifill continues to build his team, he consciously seeks individuals who offer diversity of thought and unique approaches to problem solving, which he views as an essential tenant in the company. And as a global company, he believes it’s important to recruit those who can represent a range of perspectives, expertise and experiences to build a stronger and better product. Whereas some other regions have a limited monoculture, SoCal offers an incredible melting pot of both cultures and incredible talent—resulting in a diverse and multilingual team for DASH Systems that includes a former Marine captain, engineers from Pakistan and a fifty-fifty gender workforce.

SoCal also provided Ifill with a number of different opportunities to connect and collaborate with organizations that helped propel DASH Systems forward, such as Techstars L A (the accelerator program they went through in 2019), PledgeLA (a diversity and inclusion organization), LACI (Los Angeles’ own clean tech initiative) and Make In LA (their first investor and believers in their hardware development).

But perhaps one of the most important collaborations is one they had with an entertainment production studio. “Telling our story is such an important part of what we’re doing so we can help people understand our mission. With Hollywood in our backyard, we were able to find a company with a production crew that was able to shoot the aerial footage we needed—and this wouldn’t have been possible elsewhere,” Ifill says. Check out the video here.

DASH Systems received $8M in seed funding just last year and is using that money to continue growing its footprint in air cargo and delivery. To learn more about DASH Systems, how they’re using aerospace technology to transform the shipping industry and how SoCal is helping them achieve that mission, visit This Is SoCal.