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SoCal Ecosystem Leadership Forum Connects Region Stakeholders

We’re probably one of the few organizations who is fortunate enough to grapple with the question: what does it mean to be a Super Connector for a region? It’s a role we took on over a year ago because as a small team with limited resources, it makes most sense for us to leverage the power of...

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Verizon Media & Alliance for SoCal Innovation partner to digitally connect and energize SoCal region

Last week, Verizon Media officially announced their partnership with the Alliance that includes a committed investment in the SoCal ecosystem by generously underwriting our digital platform that we launched earlier this year to connect the region’s compelling and diverse SoCal...

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Visualizing SoCal’s Diversity Advantage

Many of us know that SoCal has a diversity advantage through its breadth of people, industries, and technologies. I like to say that our diversity is our “regional superpower.” Our population is among the most diverse in the US in terms of breadth of ethnicities and origins – 67% non-white and...

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Bring Your Own Bias

No one has to be reminded that our country has been deeply affected by the renewed awareness of the mistreatment of our Black citizens. The police violence directed at members of our Black community has given rise to greater awareness, protests, policy debate and some policy changes. As we...

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Brad Feld’s “The Startup Community Way” is the “New Testament” for Building Startup Communities

To those of us focused on building startup communities and innovation ecosystems, Brad Feld stands out as our unofficial “spiritual leader.” I vividly recall Brad speaking at the Cahill auditorium at Caltech in 2012 just as he released his seminal book “ Startup Communities ” where he...

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All Together For Good

Here at the Alliance for SoCal Innovation, we are fortunate to work closely with a number of leading corporations in the SoCal region who are aligned and committed to elevating the region as a global center for innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s a credit to many of these companies that they...

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Alliance Program Connects Corporate Partners and University Research

50 milliseconds. That is the communication delay between the surgeon and the surgical robot in telesurgery. 50 milliseconds of error seems imperceptibly small but it can cause a lot of harm during a surgery. Fortunately researchers at UC San Diego created a system that uses augmented reality...

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Pledge to Protect the True American Dream

The American Dream: the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. (source: ) I am no philosopher, but as a former engineer and lifetime entrepreneur I believe in the power of...

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What's Ahead for the Alliance

From all of us at the Alliance, we hope that you are safe and healthy. In general, we’re an optimistic bunch so we look for silver linings and try to focus on what’s ahead, especially during difficult times like these. We are extremely lucky that our team and families have not been...

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Looking for the Silver Lining

It is hard to believe it was only 30 days ago that my team and I were sitting in a tech-enabled board room at the gleaming new headquarters of one of our corporate partners for the Alliance's quarterly Board of Directors meeting. The idea of 25 people meeting at an office board room almost feels...