VC Engagement

Connecting venture investors to the innovation ecosystem

Venture Capital Engagement Program

We bring together the key investors and stakeholders in the region to help them navigate SoCal’s diverse innovation communities by enabling discovery and connectivity with the people and organizations who help drive their investment strategy. In essence, we provide the connective tissue that facilitates access to our region’s wealth of opportunities.

In SoCal, we’ve got more. And we are where industries and ideas converge.

SoCal is the most well-diversified across industries among the country’s top three innovation hubs: software/tech (21%), health (19%) followed by media (18%).

Over the last 20 years, the SoCal VC community has blossomed from a few handfuls of investors to well over one hundred established funds. And for the first time in almost a decade, SoCal surpassed metro New York in VC funding (over $19Bn which is ~10x larger than in 2000). We also have seen the proliferation of local mega-funds like B Capital, March, Fifth Wall, Sinai, Westlake Bio, Greycroft and Upfront all with over $1Bn in AUM.

With so much opportunity distributed across a promising, yet expansive 40 sq miles it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where the Alliance VC Engagement program comes in...see below for how we can help investors navigate and connect to this massive and growing ecosystem.

VC Engagement Program Details

The VC Engagement Program includes opportunities for brand promotion, thought leadership, and highly curated networking.

Strengthen SoCal Relationships, Brand & Engage in SoCal Ecosystem
  • Promotion in Alliance publications (newsletters, programs, events, website)
  • Receive internal Alliance monthly board updates and copies of quarterly presentations
  • Invitations to Alliance marquis events & programs
  • Monthly Alliance newsletters

Promotion & Thought Leadership
  • Elevate your brand to SoCal startups, other VCs, and corporations
  • Position your VC as a thought leader via video showcases on successful SoCal investments, speaking opportunities and panels, guest blogging, podcast appearances, and hosting high profile events

Join our VC Executive Advisory Council for exclusive benefits

Chaired by Kara Nortman, Co-Managing Partner, Upfront Ventures
  • Meet regularly with top SoCal & NorCal VC leaders
  • Annual social event with top VC leaders and SoCal corporate executives
  • Invitation to participate in curated dialogues with venture & corporate elites through our Leadership Engagement and Discussion (LEAD) roundtable series
  • Advisory role and access to reporting of SoCal Venture Pipeline venture matching program
  • Select members (max of 20) representing a cross-section of top SoCal firms

Access to the SoCal Venture Pipeline (SVP) brought to you by Silicon Valley Bank
  • Opportunity to serve on the SVP advisory board that provides program oversight and receives quarterly updates on the performance of the program providing curated investment opportunities targeting SoCal startups seeking their first round of institutional funding of at least $4 million
  • Preferred access to present at SVP events and opportunities to advise as a subject matter expert

Invitations to attend sessions of our Strategic University Research Expo (SURE)
  • Invitations to monthly virtual events that showcase leading research from SoCal’s top universities and institutions curated to match corporate technology and life science interests

How you can get involved

We have scaled the “recommended” support contribution to the Alliance (a not-for-profit organization) to match the size and budget of the VC firm (starting at $5k/year).

Please contact Eric Eide to learn more.


Alliance VC Advisory Council

Get connected

The Alliance is connecting venture investors to key stakeholders and leaders within the SoCal innovation ecosystem. Contact us to learn more about our VC Engagement program.

Venture Capital Engagement program brought to you by:

Kara Nortman
Chair, VC Advisory Council

Co-Managing Partner

Anna Barber
Vice Chair, VC Advisory Council


Minnie Ingersoll
Vice Chair, VC Advisory Council


Brian Mesic

Managing Director

Jim Andelman

Co-founder & Managing Director

Jason Schoettler

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Ben Savage


Peter Andes

SVP - Corporate Development & Ventures


James Demetriades

CEO & Founder

Jamie Montgomery

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Ivan Nikkhoo

Managing Partner

Eric Garland

Founder & Managing Partner

Jay Goss

General Partner

Michael Blank

Head of Consumer Investments, Connect/CAA


Luke Pappas

Principal, Connect/NEA


Julia Herringer

Vice President, TCG