Strategic University Research Expo

The Strategic University Research Expo (SURE) Program presented by the Alliance for SoCal Innovation in partnership with BioscienceLA

The Strategic University Research Expo (SURE) is a monthly virtual program that provides corporate partners an early look at compelling innovative technologies developed at Southern California’s top research universities. Corporate participants will garner a first look at university research that has been curated to match their innovation goals plus create new and valuable connections to researchers and the universities.

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How the SURE program works


Why should corporate partners participate?

  • Better understand compelling innovative solutions that are being created at the university level
  • Discover curated research and innovators that match your corporate innovation priorities
  • Virtual demo day benefits:
    • See multiple solutions and technologies in one virtual session
    • Interact directly with the innovators to discuss possible future applications and build future relationships
    • Engage critical stakeholders in these discussions without travel/time hurdles

About BioscienceLA

BioscienceLA’s mission is to ensure that Los Angeles has a collaborative, well-coalesced ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of the Southern California life sciences cluster – biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical diagnostics, bioinformatics, healthcare IT, medtech, digital health, and more.

BioscienceLA is not designed to duplicate existing activities or organizations but to help harmonize the efforts of all regional stakeholders -- academic institutions, research hospitals, investors, startups, mature companies, trade associations, public and quasi-public agencies, and others -- to advance Los Angeles’ capacity and pace of innovation. Visit to learn more.

Participating Institutions