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August 2021 Summary of Asks/Gives for First Look Org Committee / Tech Transfer Working Group

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  • 1.  August 2021 Summary of Asks/Gives for First Look Org Committee / Tech Transfer Working Group

    Posted Sep 02, 2021 08:03 PM
    Thanks to the folks who joined us on Friday August 27, it was a great conversation and clearly is filling a need to continue to keep you all connected to work on shared goals and challenges. Here are a few notes of what I'm calling "asks and gives" where we share things we need and things we can offer to others:

    Nucleate Bio
    We began by learning about the Nucleate Bio program ( from LA area head representatives Adhi Sikand (cc'd, and Alex Kim (cc'd, The Nucleate Bio program operates in a few schools to help deep tech innovators get their ideas to market. Please reach out to them to see how their non-profit service can help your faculty and is rather complementary to what you all do.  
    Juan Felipe - UCI, is looking for two executive positions to lead startups emerging from UCI:
    Looking for an executive level person who's experienced in leading and building in vitro diagnostics startups.
    Weian Zhao, PhD, Professor
    2) APA therapeutics
    Wei Li, Ph.D., Grace B. Bell Chair and Professor of Bioinformatics is a Professor in Biological Chemistry interested in starting a Big Data/Genomics company - needs help on the business side.
    APA therapeutics will do novel APA-based target discovery based on AI and patient big genomics data and/or mouse model preclinical validation using their own APA CRISPR system.
    Alternative polyadenylation (APA) is an important and yet largely under-explored regulation mechanism for most human genes.
    Professor's Li lab is the world's leading expert in APA research
    Judy Mahan - Cal Poly CIE/SBDC
    Just launched 2 new specialized incubator verticals: AgTech in Paso Robles and Aerospace/Aeronautics in Grover Beach (close to Vandenberg Airforce Base)
    Darren Eng - LAVA
    Has an investor colleague who is specifically looking for a company doing stem cells for hair. Contact if you know of any companies working on that. LAVA is also in need of more committee members for its 13 communities (especially LAVA Bio, LAVA Space, Foodtech LAVA, Fintech LAVA and LAVA Media)  plus its three advisory boards (Angel, VC and Family Office)
    Ruben Flores - USC
    USC just hired a new VP of research responsible for tech transfer and innovation activities:
    USC was recently named as the lead university of the I-Corps hub for the west region that includes many regional schools and a $15M award from the NSF:
    Scott Brovsky - UCR
    Basilard Biotech - just raised $1M to close out a $3M seed round
    Basilard BioTech, Inc., a Southern-California based biotech company founded in 2019 is ramping up the commercialization of our disruptive nanomechanical ex vivo gene delivery technology that is poised to transform the engineering of cell and gene therapies (CGTs). 
    Keith Hoffman & Rubayath Mohsen - Lundquist Institute
    The LA facility has reached 100% occupancy; they are hiring for a few key positions (see jobs here); will not be doing their showcase this Fall but will continue to support LA Best (UCLA) showcase of startups
    Also in attendance but I apologize I don't have notes for these folks were: Len Lanzi (SAM Precellerator), Shane Moise (UCSD), and Martin Broome (CHLA). If you have updates that everyone should know about, please add them here 

    Steve Gilison
    Head of Programs and Operations
    Alliance for SoCal Innovation