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Write a Powerful Listing for Your Residential Property

By Gary Matherly posted May 02, 2021 12:30 PM


Buyers browse homes on the web at a lightning speed and catching their eye can be difficult. A catchy listing title or a photo showing your home in its best light may just get them to click through. 

You want to give them enough detail to entice them and when they do, they will want to book a viewing if you can sell them on the details that tell the story of your home with the words and photos you use. 

A good listing has a good structure

A good listing needs to have a good flow. This starts with an eye-catching headline which is your best shot of getting a buyer’s attention. You don’t need to lie or exaggerate but just think of a headline that’s likely to make someone click. 

The opening statement then immediately informs readers about what they’re looking at and gives them a reason to keep reading. For example, an opening sentence that reads, “Come and see this three-bedroom Tudor home with an open kitchen plan and ocean views,” is far more enticing than “Three-bedroomed house for sale.” 

Remember to include some of the great features of your neighborhood, like proximity to good schools, local attractions, and means of transportation. Your target buyers are not just looking at your property but considering the neighborhood too. 

Show My Map is a Google map customizer that allows you to create an interactive real estate map in a few short steps. Transforming your data into a map can give your description that unique element that attracts attention and helps your home to sell. 

Your word choice matters

No matter how modest a home may be, there are ways to make the description appealing without overselling its assets. Certain words like ‘stunning,’ ‘contemporary,’ and ‘immaculate’ are overused and readers tend to gloss over them. Your words need to create a visual image that sparks an emotional response. 

Think about your home’s personality when choosing adjectives. You can go online to find some inspiration and you can also find lists of overused “buzzwords” to avoid. The trick is to pick adjectives and phrases that match your photos and will evoke a great first impression. 

You don’t want buyers to be disappointed when they see your home because you have exaggerated. It’s important to be honest but reflect its assets in the best possible way. 

Highlight the best features

You need to highlight your home’s best features and point out desirable elements that are not apparent from the photos. If the tiles and fittings in the bathroom come from Italy, mention this in your description. Don’t be afraid to get specific about your finishes and upgrades. If you have new quartz kitchen countertops or new hardwood flooring, let buyers know. 

Certain keywords can help buyers to find your residential property listing more easily. For example, ‘high ceilings,’ ‘vintage style,’ ‘close to business district’ or ‘marble tiles’ are keywords highlighting specific features that will attract certain buyers. The keywords you select will depend on the type of audience you want to target. 

Closing statement and a call-to-action

Don’t leave your readers hanging but tell them what you want them to do. Give them a sense of urgency and remind them that this may be the last chance they have to buy your property. 

Your goal is to be clear about why your property offers an amazing opportunity without overselling it. If the asking price is in line with the market, the powerful way you write your property listing description can make buyers line up to view it because they fear they’re missing out if they don’t. 

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